Thursday, January 1, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Forrey 70's

Grandpa was always pitching in to help grandma around the house. This was the year I went to school in stanfield and lived with them. (Christy)
One thing grandma and grandpa always did on sunday was go to church Julie and Steve Forrey are their children. This might be Steve's missionary farewell?
Arrival at church.
Julie Forrey was the youngest of 11 children. That means she fell into the grandchildren catagory and we loved our Auntie Julie.
Uncle Steve was the youngest son in the Forrey family and with all the cousins around and most of them being girls we all had a crush on our handsome uncle.
These are the other really cool cousins who hung out with Julie and Steve. Charlene and Kathy Christensen.
Carol Banker lived pretty close to grandma so she would come visit often. Her daughter Daya was so loved by all of us but grandma had a special place in her heart for that granddaughter she even put a special nob down low on her screen door so Daya could open the door. Debbie Banker and Johnny Call are also in this picture.

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