Thursday, January 1, 2009

With Joy Came The Sorrow

Fun Loving grandson Larry Call passed away. In the back ground Vicky Kauer, Maribeth Forrey, Sandra Schultz and Lorraine Call daughter to Pearl and Paul Forrey and beloved mother to Larry Call. Aunt Lorraine was such a wonderful mother and friend to her children.
Maribeth Forrey, Pearl Forrey, Lorraine Call, in the back ground Rodger & Sandra Schultz, Paul and Lynn McGinnis, Steve Forrey
Grandson Mark Christensen
Cousins Craig Christensen and Christy Tame
Desmond Call son in law to Paul and Pearl and father to Larry
Lorraine Call daughter of Paul and Pearl and mother to Larry
Sherry Call Couier sister to Larry Call.
Uncle Dee Kauer back at Lorraines home does anyone know who the baby is he is holding. Stacy Christensen is sitting next to him.
Eric Christensen gt grandson
Donna Aldrich daughter with her first granddaughter Rachel.
Steve Forrey son with wife Maribeth, Carol Banker daughter Grandpa Forrey, Grandma Forrey, Donna Aldrich daughter, Rachel gt granddaughter, Gail Waddell granddaughter, and Lora Montague daughter.
this picture was double exposed but I love it with all of us the weekend of the funeral for Larry. Barbara Christensen, Christy Tame, Julie Caudle, Johnny Call, Joy Bower, Craig Christensen, Gina Kauer, Ginger Kauer, Ashlyn Tame, Dustin Kauer, Ruth Christensen, Vickey Kauer, Tyson Kauer, Dee Kauer, Angela Kauer, and Brittany Tame.
Eric Christensen gt grandson.
Barbara Christensen granddaughter.

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  1. I think this is such a great idea! I have loved looking at all of the pictures. Mom, you are such a beauty! I love to see all the different hairstyles too!