Thursday, January 1, 2009

1981 Forrey Family Reunion

Sandra Schultz, Rodger Schultz, Lynn McGinnis, Paul McGinnis and Kevin Tame Jr. grandchildren down in Stanfield ready for the parade over the 4th of July.
Julie Caudle daughter and Pearl Forrey performing their chicken skit and toss the salad skit.
Lynn McGinnis granddaughter and Jayson McGinnis gt grandson

Steve Forrey son, Becky Forrey granddaughter
Christy Tame granddaughter

Grandpa Forrey performing at the reunion down at the High School in Stanfield
Grandpa Forrey playing his harmonica
Deanna Banker granddaughter, Kimberly Howard gt granddaughter, and Marrisa Bower gt grandaughter
Grandma Forrey

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