Thursday, December 18, 2008

Louis & Susannah Young Family Pearls Parents

Louis and Susannah Young Pearl Forreys parents


  1. I was blessed to really know and love these children of Louis and Susannah Young. They are some of my cherished memories of my youth. Aunt Maude, Uncle Joe and Aunt, Aunt Clara, (Mom)Pearl, Aunt Nellie, Aunt Louise, Uncle Andy, Aunt Bessie and Aunt Wanda.

    My grandpa Young was such a colorful man. He could tell the best stories I have ever heard.He chewed tobacco, whittled, cut leather, braided horse bridles and quirts.

    My Grandmother was a stern women who could bake a cake, bread, anything actually. Break a wild horse and deliver her own children. She was a great lady!!!
    To have lived close enough to really know them was a joyful experience for me, one I shall always remember.

  2. I am crying, this is beautiful, thanks for getting this together, but hey, who forgot to add me as a